Frontend Developer


What we are looking for

We are looking for a developer who has experience creating fast loading, rock solid and responsive websites and web interfaces.

A lot of our work involved building form-like interfaces or chat-like interfaces that will often be used on mobile devices.

As an early engineering hire, you’ll have a lot of ability to influence technology decisions and the design of our application as you work on building a product that users will turn to in times of high excitement or high stress.

What will you need

  • 4+ years of actual work experience as either a front-end or full-stack developer.
  • Strong experience working with a responsive CSS framework like Tailwind or Bootstrap.
  • Direct experience with React, Angular, or a similar library including state management.
  • Proficiency in creating performant front-end code that works on a range of devices.
  • The ability to turn text-based requirements into visual components
  • A good eye for user interfaces.

Bonus points for

  • Experience with a data retrieval technology such as GraphQL, Firestore, Realm sync.
  • Ability to bend CSS and HTML to your will at any resolution.
  • A desire to see your pages load quickly even on poor Internet connections.
  • A belief that frontend code also deserves real unit and integration tests.



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