10 Dec 2020

Zenner's new partnership: Jack and Ferdi

We’re happy to announce, that #Zenny, your AI Powered Travel Assistant, is now offering travelers even more tailored and personalized tips about their next destination. Through J&F (wellness, productivity, cultural agility app), Zenny is now #empowering travelers to explore and thrive while they are at their destination with: Tips for staying healthy 🏃‍♂️ Places to meditate/unwind 🧘🏽 Local business manners 💼 and much more

31 Dec 2019

How I Predicted A Delay Before The Pilot

I love travel, and my frequent flyer status suggests that I fly way too often. I love flying, I love planes, but I hate delays – they ruin the, “hero’s journey,” feeling that many people experience when they travel . Recently I was traveling from Tel Aviv to Newark, New Jersey, with a 65 minute layover in London Heathrow, a little risky, but plenty of time for a seasoned traveler to make it to the next flight with time for a coffee at the gate.

01 Dec 2019

Surprising Causes of Flight Cancelations and Delays

At Zenner we’re always trying to empower travelers to outsmart flight delays and cancellations. That’s why we’re tracking hundreds of factors (and millions of data points) which can go wrong. Here are some of our more surprising things that will try to ruin your next trip.